We’ve introduced lots of Advanced Instruments that can be found for you without cost with our egreenhost Control Panel! They are suitable for web designers or for online marketers that want to manage their website hosting environment by themselves. It’s easy to create an .htaccess file, switch the PHP release for one’s web hosting account, modify the php.ini file, set up many different automatic jobs and applications, and many more!

All of the Advanced Instruments stick to the layout pattern in our Control Panel, which makes them extremely easy–to–navigate.

Hotlink Protection

Secure yourself from data transfer theft

Any time you generate unique content and articles for use on your website, you will need to secure it from those who wish to use it without the need of your approval. For this specific purpose, we’ve built a special defensive software tool within the egreenhost Control Panel. Our Hotlink Protection tool was designed to safeguard all pics within your site from being used in different publications devoid of your authorization.

The tool is absolutely simple to use, without any settings needed in the least. All you should conduct is choose which domain name to protect and switch on the service.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Auto generation of .htaccess files

Included in the egreenhost Control Panel you can find .htaccess Generator – a potent software tool, which enables you to produce .htaccess files and never having to create them manually. The tool demands absolutely no knowledge and also zero understanding of .htaccess file supervision.

With an .htaccess file, it’s easy to divert a number of web pages of your website or full web site to a brand new area. You can even make use of it to guard a folder by way of a username and password or to enable PHP code within HTML files, etc.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Block malevolent IPs from your website

If you need to block a spammer from your site, a web troll from your discussion board as well as a multiple IP addresses flooding your site, you have to make full use of the convenient–to–use IP blocking tool. It allows anyone to promptly hinder an IP address as well as a a full IP variety from ever being able to view your web site.

egreenhost’s IP Blocking tool is very simple and easy. All you should actually do is enter the IP address (or addresses) that you would like to block and then click on the action button. All the IP addresses you have inserted are going to be stopped up immediately.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Modify the PHP rules for your personal web site

For any of the cloud hosting packs from egreenhost, you can select the PHP version for your sites – from old PHP builds like PHP 4 to the most up–to–date stable versions. You can do that with a click of the mouse. All the changes are implemented instantaneously. For each PHP version, you can get the php.ini file for one’s site, so that you’ll be able to completely modify the manner PHP works.

We supply a streamlined user interface, which enables you to promptly modify the most important PHP options. At any moment, you may also return to the standard configuration in order to bring back a back up copy.

PHP Configuration

Cron Jobs

Set automated scheduled jobs

If there’s some report that you have to run per day, or, maybe there are some automatic tasks you wish your web site to execute, then cron jobs are actually what you require. In the egreenhost Control Panel, it’s easy to set and take care of all kinds of cron jobs. We have got produced a relatively easy way for you to generate a cron job. It will require under a minute for any completely new activity to generally be scheduled for execution.

Cron jobs are available with all our cloud hosting deals. Every single of them includes a distinct amount of cron jobs. More cron jobs are offered as an upgrade any time you want.

Cron jobs

Password Protection

Simple way to secure all your files

If you want to create a location in your own website that can be visible simply to the folks you’d like, you’ll be able to take benefit from the Password Protection tool. Making use of it you can quickly generate a security password protected folder that will be encoded and accessible simply to you and anybody who you share the login details with.

The directory will be secured promptly and no–one else will be able to look at precisely what is on the inside. You’ll certainly be the sole individual who’ll be capable to alter or switch it if you do not plan to authorize other customers to view it.

Password Protection

URL redirection

URL re–direction with only several clicks

If you would like promptly redirect your site to an alternative webpage or some other web site, this can be done using the URL Redirection instrument. It minimizes the requirement to come up with PHP redirects or configure an .htaccess file. Basically indicate the place you need to point your site towards and the software tool will take care of what’s left. Your domain name will be redirected effortlessly.

If you wish to cease the re–direction as well as have your web site pointed to the initial URL, you can do so with a click of your computer mouse.

URL Redirection